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B2P Architecture, France

B2P Architecture was started in 2014 by two architects and friends Aurélien Balloy and Margaux Puech-Pelipenko, who were brought together by their passion and common commitment to the built environment. 

The studio engages in diverse projects of varying scales without claiming to specialize in any particular architectural realm. Be it in urban, rural, coastal/maritime, woodland or heritage sites, these are amongst many other distinct contexts that the studio is entrusted with.

B2P is understood as the search for the essential, combining a sense of sobriety, accuracy, and permanence. It frees itself from an aesthetic of excess and added materials, making it possible to accentuate the expressive force of its creations revealing the structural honesty of the projects without any “masking” effect.

The studio embraces the aesthetic of raw materials and structural connections, and this allows it to weave a link between technical prowess and the search for finesse and elegance. The structure and materials become the essence of any project.

Being in touch with the site and engaging in conversation with the locality allows for a coherent bridge between program and site. Impassioned by the environment and human nature, each project is a singular adventure and a bespoke story that the studio can write.

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