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The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies is dedicated to public education concerning all aspects of the built environment - from entire cities to individual buildings - including the philosophical issues of arts and culture that ultimately give the final shape to design.

A high emphasis exists on contemporary values and aesthetics, conservation and sustainability, and the theoretical exploration and advancement of art and design as the highest expression of culture and urbanism.
The European Center’s geographic range encompasses all european union and non-eu countries within europe, while maintaining a full global outreach.
The european centre partners and collaborates with other european museums, cultural institutions, and professional associations and societies on joint programmes and exhibitions, often times sending traveling exhibitions to those venues and hosting the same for a cross-european cultural experience. 

The European Centre’s aims are to:
• Provide a unique educational platform for design and building industry professionals to express new ideas, new concepts in order to improve the quality of human life and the physical environment.
• Promote a public and professional appreciation for europe’s unique cultural achievements.
• Inspire art and design professionals to seek new solutions and to achieve a higher cultural responsiveness.
• Provide a central place to gather, share, learn, honor, and advocate the quality of both the built and the designed environment.

The mission of the European Centre is to improve all aspects of the human and urban experience by promoting greater public awareness and the broader appreciation and importance of architecture, design, art, and urban planning.
The European Centre’s programmes, workshops, competitions, and exhibitions foster public and professional education, research, investigation, and scholarship.

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies
28 Butlers Court
Sir Rogerson's Quay
Dubln 2, Ireland
TEX/FAX: +353/(0)1-670 8781