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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2021
LODGE, 2019 - Margaux Puech-Pelipenko
  • LODGE, 2019 - Margaux Puech-Pelipenko
  • LODGE, 2019 - Margaux Puech-Pelipenko
  • LODGE, 2019 - Margaux Puech-Pelipenko
LODGE, 2019 - Margaux Puech-Pelipenko

Le Bouscat, France

Architects: Margaux Puech-Pelipenko & Aurélien Balloy

Client: private
Technical department: AIA Ingénierie,
on-site manager: Kaliope

Photographer: Agnes Clotis

Project description: This mixed-use complex has been conceptualized based on a roadside house in exposed stonework. The fundamental question resides in the contextual integration of this heritage architecture, within an operation of property promotion. 
A second building inserts itself on the road, generating an interstitial space that will allow for entry onto the site. 

A metal bridge links these two twin elements. The stone house is raised to accommodate three lodgings. The brand-new neighboring building accommodates seven flats. 

On the remaining space of the plot, eighteen houses in a band will be developed face to face flanking a “mineral street”. The houses sit on a metal base, echoing the vernacular and materiality of the bridge on the street, generating a sense of unity. 

These houses were imagined for young first-time buyers wanting to be homeowners at the entrance to the city of Bordeaux. 

A 3-bedroom flat has the possibility of evolving over time into a 6-bedroom flat. This intermediary form offers flexible use. Each volume is designed to respond to each household’s needs, particularly those with financial constraints.