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Déchelette Architecture, France

After traveling through the Middle East and Asia, Emmanuelle worked for a year at Foster and Partners in London before founding her practice alongside her brother Philibert in Paris.
They cultivate their affiliation throughout each project, sharing a common ambition for economical, generous and inventive architecture. Faithful to their strong ecological convictions their practice is bound to a constructive exigence on the issues of resources, eco-design and landscape preservation.
Their first flagship project illustrates this, with the unprecedented construction of a wood and rammed earth private house in Paris. This project paves the way for future social housing competitions with the same logic of using biologically sourced and local materials.
Two fundamental objectives guide the duo’s practice. 

The first one is the desire of shaping their studio into a research laboratory on ideas and materials with a technical and environmental approach. They are interested in constructive cultures that combine common sense and the sobriety of know-hows.

The second is to activate a fertile ecosystem between construction actors. They consider the architectural quality of each innovative project to be determined by the richness of exchanges with the different partners involved in the building process.

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