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Romain Delvalet, R+R architecture France

Romain Delvalet graduated from Paris Belleville in 2011 and has since worked in various agencies in Paris. He founded R+R architecture with Raphaël Perdrisot, also a graduate of Paris-Belleville, and both have been fully involved in the agency since 2019.

R+R architecture was created out of a common desire to create projects around simple ideas and straightforward logics that stem from the synthesis between program, uses, and context in the broad sense.
This simplicity at the base of the projects makes it possible to give time to other issues that are important to them, in particular:
- the spatial quality, through the route, the visual escapes and the treatment of natural light which make it possible to anchor oneself in a place, to belong to it, and guide movements and uses
- sustainability, which involves the purity of spatial responses, the panel of materials used and construction details
- energy sobriety through observation and common sense deployed during design, for a fair use of technology, a reduction in the embodied energy necessary for the creation of living spaces and the minimization of maintenance costs
- adaptation to changing uses over the long term with a reflection on the structure, the bays, the scale, the positions of served and servants rooms.

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