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COMBAS, France

Pierre Le Quer associated with Sophie Delage and Mathieu Grenier all three have backgrounds nourished by various horizons from Nice to Barcelona, ​​or from Grenoble to Marseille. Each brings to the workshop through their training, a specialty: Urbanism, Structure and Design.

L'Atelier COMBAS founded in 2011, based in the south of France, on the shores of the Mediterranean. From Nice, the city of their “réunion”, to the Nîmoise region, from where the first projects will take shape, the activity is centered on the question of landscape and matter.

Architectural design is approached as a sedimentation of knowledge: each partner approaches the project in turn through his specialty, and thus develops part of the architectural whole.The accumulation of crossed views forms a homogeneous whole in particular thanks to a common ethic based around work on a triptych: Relationship to the ground, relationship to the sky, work with matter.

«We seek in each new project, to question the territory, to promote the understanding of the places, in particular through a reading of the vernacular typologies associated with modern techniques of implementation»the  atchitects stated. 

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