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Atelier YokYok, France

Luc Pinsard is an architect and an artist. He lives in Paris and works there since 2008 with Samson Lacoste, they met at the architecture school Paris-Val-de-Seine and founded Atelier YokYok in 2015, a research studio thought as a tool to create artistic installations. 

Ephemeral and architectural, their works play with their environment and tell stories through a graphic and plastic language shared by both of them.
Luc Pinsard also works as an architect for a Parisian studio since 2009.

He practices the project development from the concept design to the completion. 

Aw a self-taught artist he practices analog photography, cyanotype, woodworking, electronic and hand drawing. 

After their degree in architecture with Samson Lacoste they are laureate of the Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire in 2009 and the FAV of Montpellier in 2011. 

In 2015, their laureate project “The Shooting Vaults” for Cahors Juin Jardins is particularly noticed in architecture & design’s field. Since then, YokYok, with now four minds, works in various contexts as National Singapore Museum, a gallery in Beyrouth, or organizations around urban and artistic development in France, China or USA. They awarded globally multiple times for their projects.


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