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Born in 1979, Laurent NOEL became an architect in Paris after graduating in 2006 from the EAVT of Marne-la-Vallée, under the direction of J-Lucan and E-Lapierre. Between 2007 and 2009 carried out the project with which he passed his diploma, a wooden construction in the Vosges, in France. This first building won the Lauriers Bois award in 2009, and would lead to a competition for an apartment building. Around this time, in collaboration with M-Chassin and S-Cachat, he established his practice, Atelier Martel. Through his studio he carries out projects that regularly win awards or are exhibited, most notably at the 2016 Architectural Biennale in Venice: specialized housing for epileptics, extension of the Hôpital Suisse of Paris, 35 apartments near Metz, a mixed-use apartment complex in construction in Paris, and various apartment building in and around Paris. He is also working on an ambitious project in the center of Bamako, Mali.

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