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Bien Urbain – atelier d’architecture, France

Associated with Nicolas Cèbe (co-founder) & Guillaume Cantardjian Architect urbanplanner

Born in 1987, Jérôme is a graduate of ENSA Toulouse, of the DSA of urban architect in Marne-la-Vallée, and held the position of project manager for five years with Ateliers Lion associés. 

Engaged in urban and architectural projects of various scales, he is also committed to a more forward looking approach to urban planning. He is co-author of the book S(t) imulation Pavillonnaire (édition Archibooks). 

He created Bien Urbain – atelier d’architecture with Nicolas Cèbe in 2016.

He is involved in various fields ranging from equipments to housings and urban planning missions, developing a strong appetite for transformation projects in a wide spectrum of interventions. 
Composing with the “ already-there ” gives them the opportunity to bring special attention to situations that are always unique. 

“ Building on what is built ” means, for Bien Urbain, participating directly in the improvement of architectural quality and the living environment meanwhile contributing to the energy transition of buildings.

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