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Na Khoang School, Son La, Vietnam | 2021
  • Na Khoang School, Son La, Vietnam | 2021
  • Na Khoang School, Son La, Vietnam | 2021
  • Na Khoang School, Son La, Vietnam | 2021
Na Khoang School, Son La, Vietnam | 2021

Architects: 1+1>2 Architects
Lead Architect: Hoang Thuc Hao
Design Team: Vu Xuan Son, Nguyen Gia Phong, Nguyen Hanh Le, Hoang Van Minh, Nguyen Van Dinh
General Contractor: 1+1>2 Architects
Client: Na Khoang School
Photographers: Trieu Chien, Son Vu

Na Khoang School is located in the middle of a village of a Thai ethnic group - where there is a rich and diverse cultural lifestyle and community activities. Inspired by the design of flowers between the mountains and hills, each roof has a different inclination like a diverse, rhythmic dance. The Elementary part of the Na Khoang school is arranged along lines - side corridors, and the preschool part is arranged in clusters - middle corridors, connected with each other by a common-use stone stage, in harmony with the terraced fields. The wall is built of several materials: unburnt terracotta bricks made on the spot from foundation soil, locally available degraded soil, and the pebbles collected by the people together and brought back from the stream. The construction process makes efficient use of wasteland, is environmentally friendly, and reduces construction costs. The new school provides a safe learning space, warm in winter, and cool in summer, creating intense excitement for the children. Here is also a community space in the village, where people participate in cultural activities, sports, and meetings after school.