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Brich Forest Restaurant, Xi'an, China | 2022
  • Brich Forest Restaurant, Xi'an, China | 2022
  • Brich Forest Restaurant, Xi'an, China | 2022
  • Brich Forest Restaurant, Xi'an, China | 2022
Brich Forest Restaurant, Xi'an, China | 2022

Architects: Kris Lin International Design
Lead Architect: Kris Lin
General Contractor: Kingfar
Client: Kingfar Photographers: KLID

The project is located in Xi'an, close to Jinghe Wetland Park in the south. The large birch forest gives the project unique landscape resources. This mixed multi-function space is divided into two floors, the first floor is a cafe, and the second floor is the restaurant and art gallery space. The grid system of the indoor ceiling takes the intertwined canopy in the forest as the intention and abstracts the canopy group images in the forest into a tensile architectural structure, which has become the most expressive image characteristic of this case. The architects wanted to create a mood, a restaurant in the forest. It allows people to take a break from their daily lives and enter a relaxed environment. The biggest challenge of this project is the construction of a continuous curved surface of the ceiling grid.

The architects use the mortise and tenon joint technique to connect everything together. Mortise and tenon joint is a commonly used skill in Chinese traditional architecture; it creates a visual art effect for space creation as well as completes the interpretation of traditional culture. The architects also selected the aluminum plate for machine cutting in the factory, and finally, went to the construction site for installation and splicing.

Impact Restaurant bears the mission of offering a relaxing, sensitive, immersive, and intimate environment to let people temporarily get away from their daily routines. This attribute determines that its spatial design shouldn't be merely restricted to creating distinctive experiential consumption scenes for brands, but also needs to convey positive aesthetics and humanistic care to the public and return to the essence of life, especially in the post-pandemic era.