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Guillaume Giraud graduated from Montpellier National School of Architecture and founded the NAS architecture office in 2014 associated with Hadrien Balalud de Saint Jean and Johan Laure in Montpellier. With NAS architecture office he won awards such as the Europan 13 competition on Swchabisch Gmund site in Germany, New Berlin Natural Science Museum competition in Berlin and took part in different micro-architecture projects in France.

The context of the office led Guillaume Giraud to work on multiple scales by always paying the same attention, as for the restructuring of the recreational area of ​​the Gaston Doumergue High School in Sommières for the Gard department, which wanted to rethink and re-articulate the operation of the entrance and the outside space through a harmonious courtyard.

This project, delivered at the beginning of 2017, was selected as winning projects for the 2017 Architecture Small Projects in Occitanie Prize. 

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