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Brita Stream Water Pitcher Line 2016-2017
  • Brita Stream Water Pitcher Line 2016-2017
  • Brita Stream Water Pitcher Line 2016-2017
Brita Stream Water Pitcher Line 2016-2017
Designers: Dan Harden and Elliot Ortiz, Whipsaw, Inc., San Jose, California, USA
Manufacturer: Brita LP., Oakland, California, USA

Brita has been a leader in consumer water filtration products since 1966. Their silver-impregnated activated carbon and ion-exchange resin filters remove chlorine, lime scale and metals including lead and copper from tap water, making it taste better and safer to consume. Brita pitchers have been popular over the years because people insist on drinking clean water plus they have little competition.

Design Problem:
However, several functional and usability problems exist with all Brita pitchers up till now. The biggest problem is that they are slow. You have to first fill a top chamber and then wait for the water to slowly seep through the filter and into a bottom chamber. Because people are impatient, they try to pour water before it has gone through the filter and bad unfiltered water comes rushing out of the top, which is maddening. This has been a complaint for decades. Another problem with their two-chamber design is that only half the pitcher can be filled with clean water at any time, and you cannot see the water in the top chamber so you don’t really know when to add more water. Additionally the filter is always submerged in the water causing bacteria to grow constantly inside the filter!

The new Brita Stream design fixes these age-old problems. Unlike the original Brita pitchers that you fill and wait to drink, the new Stream Rapids and Hydro pitchers “filter-as-you-pour.” Just tilt the pitcher and it flows through the filter into your glass, simple and fast - actually ten times faster than all previous pitchers. Market research showed that speed was a key desire by consumers.

The filter is suspended directly under the spout, allowing all water to exit cleanly, and for all the water in the pitcher to be visible at all times. It allows the water to be the hero instead of the pitcher itself.

Stream’s usability is also very innovative. The filter (replaced after forty gallons) pops out of the filter holder in seconds. Both models are extremely comfortable to hold and pour, and easily fit in a refrigerator door. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The form of each pitcher is intended to suggest rapid water flow, which is a primary selling point. The appearance also needed to be universally appealing since almost every user demographic buys these products. It is contemporary, colorful and welcome in any environment.

In the US alone, people discard (or best case, recycle) an average of 4 billion water bottles every year. That’s a lot of plastic! It also takes a lot of energy and effort to produce that much bottled water, giving bottled water a substantial carbon foot print overall. Brita Stream offers a healthy, elegant substitute for bottled water without giving up the joy of great tasting water. It comes with great benefits to the environment and consumers’ wallets too. Studies show that an average family of four could save close to $3,000 per year by switching from bottled water to filtered tap water using Stream.

The new Brita Stream is a more intuitive, easier to use and more convenient pitcher to enjoy great tasting water at home, leaving no stone unturned to convince more people to leave the individual bottles behind. Stream is rapidly becoming one of Brita’s best selling pitcher lines in that company’s history. It is the first product in Clorox’s (Brita’s parent company) history that has achieved a whopping 97% approval rating in consumer reviews.

An aesthetically pleasing money saver that is healthy for you and good for the planet too, Brita Stream is overall just a better water filtering system!