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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2021
FLEXSE, 2019 - Alina Chereyskaya
  • FLEXSE, 2019 - Alina Chereyskaya
  • FLEXSE, 2019 - Alina Chereyskaya
  • FLEXSE, 2019 - Alina Chereyskaya
FLEXSE, 2019 - Alina Chereyskaya

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Architects: SA lab

Client: Private

Project team: Alina Chereyskaya, Stepan Kukharskiy, Alexandra Tolopilo

Photographer: Ekaterina Titenko

FLEXSE is a modern view of a traditional Scandinavian grill house and a prototype of a compact module. The design maximizes the usable area while keeping the minimal footprint and making it versatile for different functional scenarios. 

The first version of FLEXSE is used as a small BBQ house.  A sauna, a guest house, a tiny house, a small café, a shop, or an office pod — are some of the other functions available. 

The module can be assembled in parts on-site and consists of recyclable materials. The structure can be positioned on different foundations – concrete slabs, metal piers, in the most remote areas, and even on water. 

It is also customizable inside and outside — various types of finishing materials are available for choosing. FLEXSE was patented and received many awards. FLEXSE adapts to your needs!