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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2021
HAY - Benoit Rotteleu
  • HAY - Benoit Rotteleu
  • HAY - Benoit Rotteleu
  • HAY - Benoit Rotteleu
HAY - Benoit Rotteleu

L'hay-les-Roses, France

Architect: Benoit Rotteleur
Photograph: Antoine Seguin

The project comprises the roof extension of a 45m2 house in Paris’ suburbs. This Parisian suburban house, with its ornamental bricks, and low front in stone, has attracted a family with two children. 

Despite all its charm, the constructed area was not enough, that’s why the landlord asked the architect for a solution to create additional space and accommodate two bedrooms and one shower room while preserving the charm of the house.

Located in a protected area by the Architecte des Bâtiments de France (ABF) —whose mission is the conservation of monuments and the surrounded areas— the project required an innovating and contextual proposal.

Consisting of living space for the children, the elevation is conceived to be minimalist and integrated into the environment, following the alignments of ABF. 

The extension of the house, with the frontal in wooden cladding material, is aligned with the existing ground floor ensuring a light effect. 

The thorns, in triangular shapes, give the dynamic of the front and play with the patterning of the bricks. 

The openings in the new floor are in line with the windows and balconies of the ground floor, fitting at the same time between the mentioned thorns.