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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2021
The Treedom - Lacoste Samson
  • The Treedom - Lacoste Samson
  • The Treedom - Lacoste Samson
  • The Treedom - Lacoste Samson
The Treedom - Lacoste Samson

Budapest, Hungary

Architects: YokYok 

Client: Sziget Festival

Project team: Samson Lacoste, Luc Pinsard, Steven Fuhrman, Laure Qaremy 

Design team: YokYok 

Photographer: Samson Lacoste

A wooden, straight, and bright wilderness has grown in the middle of the plain. One can see it from far away before penetrating it and enjoying it from inside. 

The Treedom is an intimate place of gathering, offering opportunities for new encounters. More than a meeting point, it is a place with an atmosphere, a wooden open-air cathedral. 

The Treedom is an emblematic installation designed for the SZIGET festival. The aim is to gather people around a simple symbol, the forest. 

YokYok proposes a huge installation as a sculpture that can be walked through and experienced from within. The installation provides a slight shade during the day and a warm ambiance at night, being illuminated from the canopy. 

The Sziget is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. It gathers each year more than 400,000 visitors.