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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2021
Station Nuage - Lacoste Samson
  • Station Nuage - Lacoste Samson
  • Station Nuage - Lacoste Samson
  • Station Nuage - Lacoste Samson
Station Nuage - Lacoste Samson

Saint Sebastien sur Loire, France

Architects: YokYok 

Client: City of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire
Project team: Samson Lacoste, Luc Pinsard, Laure Qaremy, Pauline Lazareff

Design team: YokYok

Photographer: Samson Lacoste + Philippe Piron

The challenge of this project was about transforming the place and giving it a new life, then orienting it towards the park to create a dialog and unify it to make it visible. The goal was to tell a story and provide an unusual break in the landscape. 

A cloud is anchored on the house. It is now still and part of the landscape. This floating object covers the terrace and puts the building in the scenery. 

The aim is to bring a symbolic object into the park. To create an inviting call visible from far away. The cloud here acts as a revisited familiar poetic object. It brings materiality to the intangible. Usually constantly moving, this cloud becomes a landmark. The ephemeral becomes permanent.