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Opening a house - ABC Studio - France
  • Opening a house - ABC Studio - France
Opening a house - ABC Studio - France
Doonam BACK and Yann CACLIN Architects - France
ARCHITECTURES BACK CACLIN was born from the meeting of Doonam BACK and Yann CACLIN at the architecure school of Nancy, of which they graduated together in 2008, after an ERASMUS year at FAUP, Porto, Portugal in 2005. In 2009, they traveled 5 months around the world to meet contemporary cities.
Before creating their office in 2010, they worked at Beaudouin architects, Christian Vincent architect and Giovanni Pace architect offices. In 2016, they are laureates of “AJAP 2016” by the french Ministry of Culture, young architecure prize.

Project Description

Housing suburban of Nancy, the houses are located 3m behind the dividing limits. The rear gardens are not used because of houses proximity. The project questions the urban constraint: densify these areas to open the houses on the gardens. Implantation as a separative boundary, opaque. Windows on garden. 12sqm on the ground, 12sqm of views. The facade is moved back to the plot boundary and becomes a piece of furniture; it is the kitchen. Between this furniture and the house, there is no longer any limit between interior and garden, the house opens. The 3m strip is now an integral part of the living space.