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House for children - Mu Team - France
  • House for children - Mu Team - France
House for children - Mu Team - France
MU Team

Maïra, Ludovic and Grégoire met each other in 2002 on the campus of the California Polytechnic University. Their ways drawn by a lot of projects in common led them to the foundation of MU Architecture agency, during the 2009 spring. From the beginning of its creation, MU team insisted on the quality of the exchanges between the designers, conceptors of the projects and the users that will benefit from them. In order to fulfill the requirements of each project and to encourage the explorations, MU surrounded itself by experts and professionnal partners. Step by step, little by little, MU strengthens its project management team, its partnerships, accurately using ressources and skills devoted to the development of each program.

Project Description

For number of years, the children of Briis-sous-Forges have greatly benefited from having their school placed in the middle of the forest. They learn to sense the changes brought on by the seasons, the smell of the humus, the open sky in the clearings, and they notice the dance of the tree shadows around the classrooms. The vision of the architecture in the heart of the forest is enhanced by the nature’s growth around it. When wandering between the trees following the curved lines of the building, you will feel the strength, the density and the verticality of the forest engraved within the curved clapboard wood façade that envelopes the structure. The construction ended in 2013.