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Green Good Design Awards ARCHIVE 2024 Green Product/Graphic Design
ReGen Baby Stroller | 2023-2024
  • ReGen Baby Stroller | 2023-2024
  • ReGen Baby Stroller | 2023-2024
  • ReGen Baby Stroller | 2023-2024
ReGen Baby Stroller | 2023-2024

Designers: PDR, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: iCandy World Limited, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Over 1 million baby strollers are sold in the UK each year; over 20 million globally. 95% of strollers are estimated to end up in landfill within 3 years. ReGen is the first fully circular, sustainable baby stroller designed for the future generation of consumers who place societal and environmental considerations at the heart of their purchasing without compromising on functionality, aesthetics or value. 

ReGen is a fully functioning, safe and compliant baby stroller designed to appeal to style-conscious and environmentally aware consumers. The easy fold core chassis is made from aluminium and a glass reinforced mass balanced biopolymer. It is designed to last a minimum of 5 ownership cycles before easy disassembly and part recycling. A hard wearing, machine washable 99% recycled PET textile is used throughout the design which is fully recyclable along with the tyres and cosmetic covers. 

ReGen does not compromise any traditional features from high-end baby strollers despite its circular approach. Its modular approach, based around a core long-term centre and refurbishment ‘packs’ allows for personalised specification of colour, material and wheel options for the user on purchase. Key to its appeal, is its ability for the user to return or refurbish, knowing that ReGen will go on to serve other new families without going to landfill. ReGen is more than a product; it pilots a new form of business for the company and a new model of ownership for the customer that produces significant environmental benefits in a commercially sustainable way. 

All refurbishment components are single material and recyclable. Compared to a typical 2.5-year average ownership, ReGen is expected to travel through five families of ownership before final disassembly and material recycling. Alongside the fully recyclable nature of ReGen, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies show that ReGen has a 66% improvement in sustainability, across all parameters, over the company’s existing products. 

ReGen outperformed a standard stroller in each damage assessment category. The Carbon Footprint of different lifecycle phases over 12.5 years of service is significantly reduced by the ReGen design when compared to a standard stroller design. In a standard stroller business model, one stroller is used per family. Standard stroller parts are non-separable, meaning that once a family no longer needs the stroller, they often end up in landfill. In the ReGen business model, one stroller frame can be used by at least five families, significantly reducing the use of resources.