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HP Spectre 16 x360 Convertible PC | 2023
  • HP Spectre 16 x360 Convertible PC | 2023
  • HP Spectre 16 x360 Convertible PC | 2023
  • HP Spectre 16 x360 Convertible PC | 2023
HP Spectre 16 x360 Convertible PC | 2023

Designers: HP Design, HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA and Native Design Limited, London, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA

HP Spectre 16 x360 is designed to make using a computer better: better on video calls, better on battery life, and better to use the mouse and keyboard. With a cutting-edge 9MP camera and an AI chip dedicated to offloading camera features from the CPU, the camera preserves battery life by running independently of the CPU, to deliver exceptional performance.

Why did we design this:

* World's most advanced convertible PC for collaborating in hybrid life – The camera plays an important role for collaboration in hybrid work settings. The camera is 16:10 ratio and matches the screen. It captures more information in low light thanks to 4x image sensitivity.
* Collaboration means the computer also works with an accessory camera that can be pointed at a whiteboard or desk, so the user can share both video of themselves, and what they’re collaborating on in the physical world at the same time.
* Better Together - HP strongly believes in supporting hybrid work, and the acquisition of Poly conferencing solutions means we’re able t


Spectre has always been a lifestyle product. We want to fit it in the 16" form factor. it now has a 16:10 screen. It's got 19mm pitch keys, for more ergonomic typing, as recommended by ANSI and ISO. The keys are 16% larger, with larger labels. It's easier to target the key you want. They're also higher contrast with the rest of the computer, with a bold larger font for the secondary keys. It's also designed to be easily opened and user-repaired.


* The theater, at home - Be the first to enjoy IMAX-enhanced visuals on a notebook. HP Spectre is IMAX approved, showcasing the full IMAX resolution on its panel. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning visuals and lifelike details. IMAX Enhanced gives 24% more picture with an expanded aspect ratio.
* Adaptive intelligence - the frame refresh rate adjusts based on the content, preserving battery life without compromising performance. Enjoy extended usage without worrying about running out of power.
* Better typing - We've made typing easier and more legible with a 12% increase in keyboard keycap size.
 higher contrast keys for visibility.


* IMAX certified A/V for a theater experience on the go
* Camera - IR LED with wide separation from IR camera for better facial recognition, 9MP camera lens for better resolution and low light sensitivity. With the AI sensor, the camera enables adaptive settings and posture detection. The dedicated AI chip in the camera array enables low power, always-on functions including Walk-Away Lock, Wake-On-Approach, Screen Time, and Gestures. Always-on features make the computer smarter, better for the user's health (posture and screen time awareness), easier to secure, easier to use.
Wi-Fi 7
large haptic trackpad
Color calibrated display.

Social Impact:

EPEAT gold
Enclosure: Recycled Magnesium (85% PIR+5% PCR)
Bezel: Recycled plastic with Ocean-Bound Plastic (45%+5%)
Keycaps: BL Recycled Plastic sourced from CD/DVDs (50%)
Keyboard scissors: Recycled Plastic (50%)
Speaker enclosure: Recycled plastic with Ocean-Bound Plastic (45%+5%)
Bottom cover: aluminum, 50% post-industrual recycled metal + 5% post-consumer recycled metal
Total percent of plastic in product: 15%
Outer box packaging and cushions made from sustainably sourced, certified, and recycled fibers.
Digital Passport explaining sustainability content to the consumer