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HP Spectre 14 x360 Computer | 2023
  • HP Spectre 14 x360 Computer | 2023
  • HP Spectre 14 x360 Computer | 2023
  • HP Spectre 14 x360 Computer | 2023
HP Spectre 14 x360 Computer | 2023

Designers: HP Design, HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA and Native Design Limited, London, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA

The HP Spectre 14 x360 is designed to enhance your computing experience across various aspects, from video calls and battery life to mouse and keyboard usage. It features a cutting-edge 9MP camera with an AI chip dedicated to offloading camera functions from the CPU, preserving battery life and delivering exceptional performance.

Experience the convenience of adaptive settings that seamlessly transition between work and home environments. Whether you need background blur for professional video calls or personalized home wallpapers, the computer adapts to your needs effortlessly. Capture stunning photos even in low-light conditions with our enhanced night quality feature. The camera's 16:10 aspect ratio perfectly matches the panel, ensuring that nothing is cropped out and every detail is preserved.

Say goodbye to awkward video calls with eye gaze correction technology. Our product ensures that your gaze is always directed towards the camera, creating a natural and engaging interaction. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our accessory camera. This innovative feature allows you to manage multiple cameras and choose how they display on the screen. Whether you prefer picture-in-picture or split-screen views, you'll enjoy enhanced immersion and improved communication. The accessory camera makes it easy to have one camera focused on you and the other on a whiteboard, an object, or whatever else you wish to share.

Experience rich and immersive audio with our quad speakers, delivering crystal-clear sound for an exceptional entertainment experience. To deliver the best sound and keep the laptop cool, it features more fan blades for quieter operation, ensuring a peaceful working environment. Be the first to enjoy IMAX-enhanced visuals on a notebook! Our product is IMAX approved, showcasing the full IMAX resolution on its panel. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning visuals and lifelike details. Thanks to adaptive intelligence, the frame refresh rate adjusts based on the content, preserving battery life without compromising performance. Enjoy extended usage without worrying about running out of power.

Navigate effortlessly with the haptic touchpad, providing tactile feedback for improved usability. Customize your experience and make it truly yours. We've made typing easier and more legible with a 12% increase in keyboard keycap size. The higher contrast between the keyboard deck surrounding the keycaps ensures improved visibility, and the larger fonts on the keycaps enhance readability. We've also improved the modifier keys, which are now in an all-caps font and centered, making them easier to locate and use.

For tablet use, the pen has been enhanced to deliver a seamless and responsive experience. Whether you're sketching, taking notes, or editing, our pen is your perfect companion. Unlock your device effortlessly with the power key, which also doubles as a fingerprint reader. Enjoy seamless and secure access to your device with just a touch. We believe in making repairs and servicing easier, which is why we've labeled internal components with QR codes. This innovative feature ensures that repairability and serviceability are streamlined, saving you time and hassle.

Embracing sustainability, our product comes with a digital passport that consolidates all the product information in one place. Additionally, a QR code is provided for consumers to scan and access sustainability information, both in retail or at home. We're committed to reducing paper waste and providing easy access to the information you need. Spectre 14 continues HP's work on sustainability, using keycaps and keyboard from post-consumer recycled material, post-consumer and ocean-bound plastics for the speakers, recycled CNC aluminum for the display housing and keyboard surround, and hinges, and stamped aluminum for the bottom cover. The outer box and interior fiber cushions are 100% recycled and recyclable. The keyboard scissors include agricultural waste.

Discover the future of digital technology with our groundbreaking new product. Upgrade your digital experience and enjoy unparalleled performance, stunning visuals, and innovative features.