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Green Good Design Awards ARCHIVE 2024 Green Product/Graphic Design
HP Envy 14 x360 Notebook | 2024
  • HP Envy 14 x360 Notebook | 2024
  • HP Envy 14 x360 Notebook | 2024
  • HP Envy 14 x360 Notebook | 2024
HP Envy 14 x360 Notebook | 2024

Designers: HP Design, HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA and Native Design Limited, London, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA

The Envy 14 X360 takes our premium laptop  and improves every detail. It's thinner, lighter, and better for remote work and creating. Creators aren’t just limited to professional photographers, designers, composers, and editors – everyone is a creator, collaborating with friends, family, and colleagues and creating from home, work, and all the places in between.

Why have we designed this:

People are creating and working remotely more than in the past. Users need a full range of capabilities in one machine. We can improve collaboration with better cameras and microphones, and remove obstacles, making creation more fluid.


lighter weight: less than 1.3kg
thinner: 16.5mm thin, precious generations were 19.6mm - saving 3mm is a big deal.

It's lighter, easy, to carry, and feels more modern by being thinner. The bottom of the computer is radiuses where it meets the sides for a smooth transition that makes it feel even thinner on the desk.

The USB-A port uses a hinged drop-jaw because the USB plug  is actually taller than the side of the computer.

Available in Atmospheric Blue, Meteor Silver, and constructed of aluminum for display back, keyboard palm rest and bottom cover.


* better display: 14" 16:10,  2.8K VRR, OLED LBL, 400 nits of brightness
* better camera: 5MP camera + IR sensor + manual shutter
* better keys: contrast ratio exceeds ISO standard, super-matte paint reduces glare, color-matched keyboard well reduces visual clutter, complimentary and compatible neutral gray color
* larger touchpad: better gesture control, more accurate point and click, ambidextrous control for more balanced function
* 5% larger keys for larger typing targets
* USB-C PD charging for fast re-charges


1. Envy 14 x360 is a part of HP's commitment to sustainable products with as much sustainable content as possible.
2. Thinner, lighter, with larger screen, larger trackpad, more legible keys - better to use in every way
3. AI noise cancellation and voice detection for superior audio on video calls.