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Green Good Design Awards ARCHIVE 2024 Green Product/Graphic Design
HP Elite 1040 14 G11 Notebook | 2024
  • HP Elite 1040 14 G11 Notebook | 2024
HP Elite 1040 14 G11 Notebook | 2024

Designers: HP Design, HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA and Native Design Limited, London, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: HP Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA

The HP Elite 1040 14 G11 series notebooks are designed for the enterprise space with an emphasis on sustainability, security and light weight. HP Elitex360 1040 is about balancing work and mobility. It's large enough to be useful and light enough to be mobile.

Why we designed it:

Enterprise computer needs have changed, due to work from home and hybrid work environments. The machine needs to be stylish, professional, powerful and light, and made with increased amounts of sustainable materials. We use recycled magnesium to achieve our weight goals and make it easier, thinner, and lighter for the user to carry.

Why does it look this way:

The sleek Elite 1040 is designed to allow people to work from anywhere.
Light: Made of magnesium, so you don’t get weighed down
Thin: ultra-slim shell to take the office with you wherever you go. 16.9mm thin, down from previous years 19.9mm.
Smaller in the bag: 5.95mm shorter, 1.7mm narrower
Premium color, material and finishes
* Pinnacle of manufacturing craftsmanship
* First class touch points / KB, touchpad


* Best audio / video tuning HP has to offer
* Best balance of system performance, efficiency, UX
* Poly studio audio for conferencing 
* Higher density fan blades that spin at lower RPMs. This is a key component which allows 19dB quieter operation.
* Machine learning engine predicts workload type to optimize for best acoustic experience with imperceivable performance difference
* Advanced thermal design that is allows system to be both thinner, quieter, and more efficient
* 2x the performance of previous gen 1040.
Tuned 5MP sensor
* Low light sensitivity
* Backlight correction
* Custom Color calibration
Video AI
* Camera auto frame


Business machines have to be designed to not stand out. They don’t have colorful flashy finishes. But using premium materials and creatively loading up the sides with all the ports that are required for expansion and connectivity is how you please the business user. Doing all that, while keeping the machine thin, light, and with a higher content of recycled metals and plastics than any year previously, is how we innovate within the user constraints.

Social impact:

Recycled Magnesium (90%)
Bezel: Recycled plastic with Used Cooking Oil
Display: Indium
Keycaps: BL Recycled Plastic - CD/DVDs (50%)
key scissors: Recycled Fishing Net - 30%
speaker enclosure: Recycled plastic with Ocean-Bound Plastic (20%+30%)
fan: Recycled plastic with Ocean-Bound Plastic (50% OBP)
serviceability: screw less battery frame
packaging: Outer box packaging and cushions made from sustainably sourced, certified, and recycled fibers.
digital passport so users can be informed about sustainable content