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Troejborg Parkway | 2018-2024
  • Troejborg Parkway | 2018-2024
  • Troejborg Parkway | 2018-2024
  • Troejborg Parkway | 2018-2024
Troejborg Parkway | 2018-2024

Horsens, Denmark

Architects: Thinking Urban, Horsens, Denmark
Organization: Thinking Urban, Horsens, Denmark

The Troejborg Parkway is a daring initiative in the Danish city of Horsens. The aim is to revitalize the city's western areas, which had lost much dynamic through the loss of industry. The site itself is the old railway yard, which has lain dormant for decades. The fact of this location is the springboard for the extremely GREEN character of the area.

The entire design concept is based on greening this important section of the city on two lines of approach. The first is that transportation within the area and the town, which is emphasized by pedestrian and bicycle traffic. This has been built into the complex as a fundamental attribute. To complement the green transportation, the idea of the street is re-introduced to enhance walking, strolling, and indeed to perceived urban security.

The second green aspect of the project is that the buildings themselves are to a large extent zero energy buildings, having an insulation level according to the most ambitious Danish building codes to brave the Scandinavian winters. For example, all windows are triple-glazed. District central heating and heat pumps ensure that the CO2 emission levels are close to zero.

The third shade of green is quite simply the location. Strolling distance to the international and regional main station, bus, taxi terminal, and the new local college campus. The city center is 10 minutes away on foot. Towards the west, the vast expanse of Bygholm Park opens up a nature reserve and a historical site.