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Sensata INSIGHTS KP2 Modular Dashboard Camera | 2021-2022
Sensata INSIGHTS KP2 Modular Dashboard Camera | 2021-2022

Designers: Sensata INSIGHTS, Attleboro, MA, USA

Manufacturer: Sensata INSIGHTS, Attleboro, MA, USA

The Sensata INSIGHTS KP2 Modular Dashboard Camera – designed to increase safety for commercial fleet vehicles – is the first road-facing dashcam that can add a driver-facing camera with a 1” x 1” plug-in that snaps into the base unit.

This unique modular design enables fleets to convert forward-facing dashcams into two-way units without purchasing new hardware or even rewiring the original installation, providing a flexible and cost-effective upgrade path for the first time.

Fleets deploy video cameras to provide a visual record of risky driving behaviors and accidents for safety-related training, litigation, and insurance purposes.

They typically begin with forward-facing dashcams that document what happens on the road, then later add driver-facing video capture to identify issues such as distraction, fatigue, and phone use and alert drivers in real-time to prevent accidents.

In the past, adding driver-facing functionality required purchasing standalone driver-facing dashcams or replacing the original units with new two-way devices.

The KP2’s modular design enables fleets to upgrade without losing their original investment or incurring additional expenses for installation and rewiring.

The base forward-facing KP2 camera attaches to a windshield-mounted bracket and connects to the vehicle’s internal wiring.

The 1” x 1” driver-facing module snaps onto the base with a click with no wiring changes, no added installation cost, and no need to remove a truck from service for hours for rewiring or new camera installation.

No other camera offers these capabilities.

The KP2 is also the first dashcam that can be repaired or replaced without removing wiring from the initial installation or rewiring the new or repaired unit.

It can simply be detached from the bracket when needed, further reducing labor costs and downtime.

The KP2’s ability to add driver-facing visibility with a snap-on module also eliminates downtime required to install new devices in every truck, increasing fleet productivity.

In addition, it simplifies the process of equipping fleet vehicles with the ability to identify risky behind-the-wheel behaviors that can be improved through coaching, help avert accidents through real-time alerts, and identify the root cause of accidents.

In the four months between the initial KP2 announcement and product availability, SmartWitness received a record number of pre-orders from fleets with thousands of vehicles – proof that the modular design meets an urgent market need not addressed by any other product.