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Hyundai Trailer Drone Concept | 2021
  • Hyundai Trailer Drone Concept | 2021
  • Hyundai Trailer Drone Concept | 2021
Hyundai Trailer Drone Concept | 2021

Designers: Hyundai Design Center, Hyundai Motor Company, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Manufacturer: Hyundai Motor Company, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Trailer Drone is a new concept of logistics transportation mobility.

Two unmanned e-bogies operated by hydrogen battery transport trailers.

In addition, hydrogen tanks can be loaded at the bottom of the trailer to drive longer distances.

Unlike conventional trucks, it moves on two axes (Two E-bogies), making it easy to park or turn.

In particular, this vehicle is free to move in narrow spaces such as ports and logistics centers.

It is also advantageous for turning around at roundabouts because the rotation angle is reduced.

Taken together, this is an eco-friendly trailer transportation that can travel longer distances than before without a driver and restrictions on movement.

Trucks currently driving have a great impact on environmental pollution, so they should be quickly replaced by eco-friendly vehicles.

Unlike electric trucks driven by electricity obtained through thermal power generation, this vehicle is classified as a completely eco-friendly vehicle because it is powered by hydrogen cells.

Hydrogen trucks can complete charging much faster than electric trucks.

In addition, trailer drones run unmanned, so there is no break or sleep time, making 24-hour logistics transportation possible.

It can also prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue.

This can bring innovation to the logistics and transportation industry.

The E-bogie, the power unit of the trailer drone, plays several other roles as well as trailer transportation.

It can also be a yard tractor that transports short trailers within the port.

It can be transformed into Rescue Drone and Defense Drone that conducts emergency rescue activities and military activities with minimal parts changes.

E-bogie is not just a power unit for transporting trailers, but a new concept of a multi-purpose commercial vehicle platform using eco-friendly hydrogen batteries.

The end user of the trailer drone is the operator.

Trailer drones run unmanned, so they are owned by logistics companies or private businesses and managed through operators without drivers.

The operator will perform tasks such as setting a destination, checking the status of logistics and transportation, and checking the condition of the vehicle.

Even the fastening and separation of trailers can be done unmanned through the auto locking system.

Existing truck drivers will be switched to Operators, allowing them to sit in the office and manage everything.

You don't have to suffer from mental and physical fatigue caused by driving and moving for a long time anymore, and you don't have to worry about the accidents caused by it.

One operator can manage multiple vehicles at the same time, pursuing more efficiency, and multiple operators can work shifts to secure more leisure time.

This vehicle will not only improve the lives of workers but also play a big role in safety on the road.

E-bogie is equipped with two small hydrogen tanks and has self-driving capability, so it can perform various roles with minimal changes in parts.

Two e-bogies can carry one 45ft trailer, and one ebogie can each carry one 15ft trailer.

Through the versatile E-bogie, it can be used not only for trailer transportation but also for various businesses.

E-bogie can load and transport oil, cars, wood, livestock, etc.

, as conventional trucks used to do, and can even serve as a pushback car that helps move and steer aircraft on the ground.

Pixel LEDs on the front and back of the E-bogie enable communication with other vehicles or pedestrians.

They can show the direction and condition of the vehicle's movement in more detail.

LED lamps long attached to the vehicle's side panel and small lamps located above the trailer head help other drivers recognize the exact size, height, and location of the trailer drone in the dark.

This vehicle is also designed with many considerations to reduce air resistance.

These include wedge shape of trailer head, wing of front corner of E-bogie, saw blade shape of wheel cover, and minimization of space between trailer and E-bogie.

This is because increasing fuel efficiency is more important than anything else in commercial vehicles.

Also, commercial vehicles are frequently exposed to foreign substances such as soil, sand, and debris, and are prone to damage to joints such as trailers.