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Wedding Gift Champagne Glass | 2021-2022
  • Wedding Gift Champagne Glass | 2021-2022
  • Wedding Gift Champagne Glass | 2021-2022
Wedding Gift Champagne Glass | 2021-2022

Designers: Değer Demircan Acılıoğlu, Nude Design Team, Nude Glass, İstanbul, Turkey

Manufacturer: Nude Glass, İstanbul, Turkey

After the couples say "Yes!", they toast each other with champagne to celebrate the beginning of a new life together.

A “Wedding Gift Champagne Set" is designed to crown this romantic celebration and make this very special moment unforgettable.

This set is specially designed only for just-married couples in its own elegant gift-packaging.

It is not only a personal gift for a partner but also can be a beautiful, commemorative gift for a couple.

Thanks to its tall, convenient stem the flute is easy to grab and hold while celebrating.

The arc-shaped bowl and wide rim makes it easier to drink and taste, which also provides both a feminine and masculine look to the glass.

Other versions can also be purchased according to the user's preference.

One version, which has a metallic effect with its mirror-like PVD coating, gives not only the feeling of being made of a different material but also looks noble and elegant.

According to the latest trends, rose colored will be also a good choice for users who love romantic and pastel tones together.

The mouth-blown flute is meticulously designed to reflect the delicacy of handmade glass and its elegance.

The wedding gift preserves the very special moment of the couples.