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Voodoo XF60 | 2021
  • Voodoo XF60 | 2021
  • Voodoo XF60 | 2021
Voodoo XF60 | 2021

Designers: Mitch Pachoud, Voodoo Yachts, Tauranga, New Zealand

Manufacturer: Voodoo Yachts, Tauranga, New Zealand

Voodoo Yacht’s flagship model ‘XF60’ formed from an appetite to design a yacht with a trifocal scope of capability.

The question posed was, can a yacht be designed that embodies excellence in speed, efficiency, and luxury, all while minimizing the environmental impact? The answer equips the modern-day adventurer with an all-encompassing, high-performance 60ft (18m) hydrofoiling catamaran capable of traversing oceans with speeds and levels of efficiency never before seen in the performance or luxury yachting industries.

The Voodoo XF60 pioneers a new class of performance vessel and has been pushing contemporary power yachting boundaries since the very first edition built in 2011.

The XF60 achieves top speeds upwards of 45knots.

Cruising speed of 30 knots whilst consuming only 7L of fuel per nautical mile gives navigational ranges of greater than 1200NM at cruising speed.

These figures come from an acutely refined and advanced hydrodynamic platform – consisting of an asymmetric planing hull form, assist foil, driveline, and appendages – which significantly increases propulsive efficiency and minimizes drag.

This vessel’s design maximizes the benefits from both sides – having a hull with comfortable, stable ride characteristics, efficiency, and high internal volume, and taking the load at speed on the carbon fiber hydrofoil.

The hydrofoil also cushions pitching motion, enhancing the characteristics of the hull to give a smooth, luxurious ride underway and excellent sea-keeping.

Timeless style lines composing the boat’s architecture envelop a wide, luxurious interior saloon space thanks to the wide beam (6.

3m) offered from the multi hull platform.

Comprehensively equipped for adventure, the Xpedition Foiler’s arrangement and low stance blur the boundary with the water’s edge, offering a virtually seamless connection with local surroundings.

The desigenrs value direct input and collaboration with their clients for aspects of internal design.

From internally furbishing the four cabins and two bathrooms (with additional dayhead), to choices of veneer and upholstery of your custom sportscat helm seats, the designers collaborate to ensure XF60 owners really feel at home on the water.

Designed by Voodoo Yachts, for the world, the XF60 sets a new standard for modern power yachting and redefines what ocean lifestyle has the potential to be.