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Adrien Cuny,Atelier ACTM, France

Adrien Cuny and Thomas Mouillon created the ACTM workshop in 2017. Based in Grenoble in the Alps, they organise their time between the studio and teaching in the local school of architecture.

Their work is mainly oriented towards public and associative projects in the surrounding mid-mountain territories. An important part of their activity is devoted to the rehabilitation and transformation of the ordinary heritage of the 20th century. For them, it’s a way to repair sites and to integrate them into a changing world.

Their personal philosophy id developed from the construction of the Bermuda workshops, their first project. A founding project designed with its inhabitants. It is an open place, open to the landscape, open to uses that we don’t know yet, and open to the unexpected. Technical and climatic issues are understood as material for making architecture. Attention to the inhabitants, relationship to the site, vegetation, passive envelope, solar protection, natural ventilation, so many elements that feed the spatiality of the places they build to make them comfortable.

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