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Privacy Policy

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. So we are very pleased to tell you what kind of information we record on our websites and what happens to that information. Our websites may contain links to the web pages of other service providers that are not covered by this Privacy statement.

Recording and processing of personal data

As with nearly all web pages, when you access pages on our website the following information is recorded automatically:
Recording this information does not enable us to identify you personally as a user of our website. Other information is stored only if you expressly communicate it to us, e.g. in connection with an online award application or upon completion of such an application. Personal data that you disclose to us when you visit our web site is processed in strict accordance with current U.S. and European Union legislation.
When you submit an online award application, your data is stored and analyzed for the purpose of processing your application. If your application looks particularly interesting, even though it is not awarded at the time, we might in certain instances wish to keep a copy of your application on file for future educational reference. Data that you send us in an online form or in an e-mail is presently transmitted over a non-secure connection. Financial data given to us is transmitted over a secure connection.

Cookies are Internet files stored on the user's computer by an Internet server. Many web page providers use cookies in order to identify surfers more easily or analyze their user behavior more  effectively. On our websites we use cookies only when technically necessary for certain special functions (e.g. language/country selection). This application likewise does not allow us to infer  anything about your personal identity.

Further information and questions
If you have any concerns about Privacy statement on the Internet, please contact our Marketing & Communications department or our Privacy statement officer. They will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Refund Policy

We wish to thank you for your interest in our awards program. Upon completion of the application you will be notified by our processor and will electronically receive an invoice or receipt. You are now entered into the program.

Applicants of the program will be notified of the results as per terms stated in the program. The contents of your application are based entirely on information you have provided and we rely on you to have given us the maximum of quality information. We do not accept responsibility for incomplete applications and they may be disqualified based on insufficient or inaccurate data. That said, we cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy and actuality of the content. Please refer to the following legal notes.

All applications are final and are non-refundable. All awards and decisions by The European Centre and its assembled juries are final. The Green Good Design Awards, International Architecture Awards, Europe 40 Under 40 and The European Prize of Architecture are organized by The European Centre in conjunction with Metropolitan Arts Press, Ltd.


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