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Maëlle Tessier is an architect, Ph.D in history of contemporary architecture, teacher in Nantes Architecture School in the field “Theory and Practice of architectural conception”, and partner alongside Matthieu Germond and Paul Chenneberg in a studio of 8 people,
tact architectes.

This studio’s aims at confronting the “know-how” and the “think-how” through urban planning, architecture, art and landscape. The approach starts with the observation of the complexity of reality. It finds its environment halfway between order and disorder, in the image of spontaneous and thoughtful ways contemporary urbanity is being built.

Maëlle Tessier’s doctorate was entitled: “Architecture and phenomenology: resonance_ ideological turning point of the 1950’s and contemporary perspectives”. The architecture studio in which she is today associated is somehow echoed to it; the etymologic reference to the tact, the touch, brings an ambiguity that vibrates with our perceptions of the world, multiple, complex, diverse, changing… the touch is the only one of our five senses that implies reciprocity: I can see without being seen, but I can’t touch without being touched…

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