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Louis TEQUI, French State-registered architect (DPLG) was born in Troyes (Grand Est region, France) in 1979. Graduated from the National School of Architecture of Paris La Seine in 2004. He founded the “ATELIER TEQUI ARCHITECTES” at the age of 26.

Practicing an architecture without pretense, Louis TEQUI focuses his research on accuracy and the subtlety of his proposals. His work on the subject requires a prolonged experience, a curiosity and attention to accomplishments past. It's about knowing the vital needs of the material and its own constitution to anticipate aging. Therefore, the passing time brings its patina to the project. This architecture, reconnecting with the story, aims the durability of the construction. It sublimates itself in the thickness, the thickness of the material but also historical thickness and density of the territory.

With the architects of the workshop, Louis TEQUI understands the project first and foremost since the simplicity of the reports, fraternity of the human community. In the exchange with the contracting authority, with contractors and other partners of the act of building, listening and the requirement are the common values ​​needed for the quality of the realization.


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