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Je is a founding director of Studio Weave, working on projects with joyful and distinctive outcomes. Over the last ten years of building the practice, Je has gained extensive experience designing and delivering a range of projects in the built environment, both large and small, as well as for a variety of clients including schools, charities, hospitals, museums, local authorities and housing associations.

Alongside art and architecture projects, Je has led numerous masterplans and development studies for several London Boroughs, translating his ‘bottom-up’ knowledge into guidelines, frameworks and policies. Increasingly, in collaboration with 00, Je is leading broader strategic studies in relation to our built environment, including recently published TfL’s “Small Change, Big Impact” and Hull Vision 2037 “Learning without Borders”.

Je is experienced in leading projects with multiple stakeholders, where he is especially interested in enabling the benefits of successful collaboration between the project team and a range of wider partners. When responding to complex briefs, often within challenging contexts and with hidden constraints, Je always seeks opportunities to engage with innovative solutions for the delivery of projects by reaching out to broad sets of knowledge.

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