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Courchevel, France | 2015

Architects: Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH
Associate Architects: 
Studio Arch
Mairie de Saint Bon Courchevel
Mairie de Saint Bon Courchevel
Associate architect: Studio Arch, Chambéry, France
Landscape architect: Axe Saône, Lyon, France
Structural concrete engineering: Tractebel Engineering, Lyon, France
Structural steel engineering: B+G Ingénierie, Paris, France
HVAC, swimming pools: Brière Réseaux, Annecy, France
Energy concept: Inddigo, Toulouse, France
Construction management: Arpège Ingénierie, Caluire, France
Site manager: JML International, Albertville, France
Cost calculation: Vanguard, Paris, France
Acoustical consultant: Acson, Lyon, France
Guidance system: Intégral Ruedi Baur, Paris, France
Scenography: Les murs ont des plumes Architectes, Valenciennes, France
Lighting: Ing. Bamberger, Pfuenz, Germany

The new aquatic center is located between Courchevel 1650 and 1850, in the middle of the French Alps. Situated on a platform flanked by two mountains, it faces a valley on one side and an exceptional alpine panorama on the other. In this unique geographical setting, the architectural choices were focused on integrating the center fully into the surroundings. The roof of the project was guided by the topography and the two main areas, amusement and relaxation, were separated over two floors, in order to strengthen the idea of transparency and fluidity. 

The building becomes a sculpture of spaces and light. The elevation of the roof allows the building to open up and communicate with the environment, while flooding the halls with natural light with its glazed façades. Natural openings in this malleable volume, green in summer and snowy in winter, welcome the bathers with a view of the small stream of the river Gravelles. 

Additional openings in the roof contribute to brighten the interior with natural light and highlight the sensation of fluidity between the spaces, between landscape and building. The lobby below the street façade opens towards the water landscape: a waterslide, a looping wild water slide, a diving pool, a lagoon, a swimming pool and an outdoor pool. 

The children’s paddling pool in its center is connected by a staircase to the spa and relaxation area while a lagoon extends to the exterior. Several features complete these baths: a dark cavern with a saltwater pool, a massage center, and a cavity which opens towards the saunas and Turkish baths, as well as a cold exterior pool. 

Each location features a unique and specific design. On the top floor, a restaurant offers views of the mountains to the North.

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