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Haghani Pedestrian Bridge
  • Haghani Pedestrian Bridge
  • Haghani Pedestrian Bridge
Haghani Pedestrian Bridge
Tehran, Iran | 2015
Architects: Amir Ghasempour, Samaneh Ghasempour, 3rd skin architects
Design Team: Ayan Rezaei, Saed Fahimpour, Mahyar Gholami
Client: Organization of Tehran Beautification - Tehran Municipality
Structure Analysis: Majid Kolivand
Structural Consultants: Yaghob Abedpour and Rohi Toski
Photographer: Courtesy of 3rd skin architects
The Haghani Pedestrian Bridge, which will connect the residential zone of Mirdamad, Tehran, to Abbas Abad over the Haghani Highway in Iran.

Abbas Abad lands are the cultural and recreational core of the capital, and involve master pedestrian access. Sidewalks and designed open space have an important role in development and renovation of urban complexes. Indeed, the designed bridge over the Haghani Highway is the extension of these mentioned public spaces with the priority of pedestrians.

Part of the bridge’s design is based off of the difference in elevation between the two sides, and the concurrent height needed for vehicles to pass underneath. With a 22-meter elevation difference, a straight ramp would have to span 250 meters at an 8% slope. To avoid this design, the bridge is broken up into three ramps that come together into a “folded line” composition.

The two upper ramps of the bridge are supported with a metal structure, while the lower, third ramp serves as an extension of the pavement bordering the south side of the highway. The bridge is also accessible via stairs on the north side.
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