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Golden Horn Shipyard
  • Golden Horn Shipyard
  • Golden Horn Shipyard
Golden Horn Shipyard
Istanbul, Turkey | 2015
Architects: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Client: Sembol Istanbul Akmerkez
Istanbul is one of the most historic, iconic and visited cities in the world. Spanning the continents of Europe and Asia, the city’s location along the Bosphorus Straight linking the Mediterranean Region to the Black Sea has positioned it as a major center of commerce driven by maritime operations for more than two thousand years.
As a result, the city has a longstanding legacy of shipbuilding and repairs located in shipyards along the calm water estuary that feeds into the Bosphorus, the so-called Golden Horn. Over time some of the shipyards were converted for use by the Turkish Navy, though the largest, Haliç Tersanesi, has not been in use for twenty-five years.
The Turkish Government has entered into an agreement with a private sector development entity, the project client, to develop a major, mixed-use district within the shipyard grounds, while seeking also to retain and celebrate legacy elements of its historic operations. The land area of the district totals 31 hectares with 2 kilometers of water frontage.
Our firm was engaged to develop a visionary master plan for this important waterfront site in the heart of the city. The material on following pages presents an overview of the analysis, principles, urban design and data-driven analytical tools developed for our client. A link to a three minute video is provided that portrays the overall design with focus on the human experience.
The project is proceeding to the next stage of development and site prep work is underway. The client intends to develop the shipyard as a series of seven subdistricts. Detailed design for these will commence in Fall 2015 with construction of the first subdistrict targeted to start in Summer 2016. The client has an aggressive delivery schedule targeted for completion within five to seven years.
Five key objectives were identified by the client to drive the design of the Shipyard District:
Create a new district in the heart of the old city: Design a global destination worthy of this great Turkish city and its people.
Build a welcoming place for city residents and visitors: Create a place where people can live, work, shop, learn and play.
Provide a public waterfront to connect people, Land and Sea: Assure public access along the entire length of the waterfront.
Attract 50 million people a year: Generate visitation with landmark attractions, festivals and events year round.
Balance site development costs with urban density: Strike a balance between the provision of infrastructure and the quantity of development.


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