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Green Good Design Awards ARCHIVE 2017 Product and Graphic Design
EASY!Force Advanced | 2015
EASY!Force Advanced | 2015
Designers: Denis Dammköhler, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG., Winnenden, Germany
Manufacturer: Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG., Winnenden, Germany
Kärcher has developed the EASY!Force trigger gun for pressure washers used commercially. Its most notable feature is the trigger, which is pressed into the handle using the ball of the hand. The recoil effect of the high-pressure jet results in significantly reduced holding force being required. This ergonomically well thought-out solution takes significant pressure off the operator and makes working for long periods effortless.

Overstraining hand and finger muscles and the resulting health problems are thus effectively avoided. An additional, flexibly adjustable handle grip on the spray gun lance improves handling when working overhead and in difficult-to-reach areas.

The interface between the individual modules – the trigger gun, lance, nozzle and hose – has also been redesigned: EASY!Lock allows a tight connection with just a single twist (360 degrees), thereby reducing set-up time by up to 80%.

The new accessory is part of a sustainable, environmentally friendly service concept aimed at conserving available resources. Thanks to the special adapter, the new EASY!Force trigger gun can be used with existing pressure washers. Old components can also be connected via an adapter to new devices using EASY!Lock threads.

The valve has also been significantly improved, as both of the main components – ball and valve seat – are now ceramic. This ensures a long-term seal and increases the service life by up to five times compared with other solutions.

The new trigger gun is around 15% lighter than the previous model. The savings in weight and material are the result of a special value analysis technique used during the development process.
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