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Himalaya Kattura 2014-2016
Himalaya Kattura 2014-2016
Designers: Federal Corp, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufacturer: Federal Corp, Taipei, Taiwan

The Himalaya Kattura represents the latest success in Federal Tire’s mission to enhance winter driving safety and fuel-efficiency for better environmental protection. Details around the winter tire include innovative designs with its ice-axe grooves and newly developed compounds. Both accentuate superior traction and controls on slush road conditions while delivering improved fuel mileage as well.

Ice-bite Design, Concept, and Form

Inspired from ice axes that dig deep into snow for optimal stopping power, the claw-shaped grooves not only constitute the look of sharp, curved blades, but also give Himalaya Kattura top-notch traction on ice.

More importantly, the tire's staggered sipes offer drainage and anti-hydroplaning characteristics to improve traction and cornering performance on both wet and snowy roads. In addition, its shoulder area is bolstered by tie bars, which help enhance tire rigidity and handling to ensure safe and stable steering for winter trips.

New Technologies and Materials

In addition to its superior traction on icy roads, the Himalaya Kattura also boasts new generation tread compounds for reduced rolling resistance. Drivers can enjoy economical and environmental benefits on their daily ride as the tire grants better mileage and less greenhouse gas emissions.

Tested and Proved Performance

Collectively, all these elements complement each other, resulting in superior acceleration performance than popular models in the market by 13 percent along with outstanding braking performance by five percent, ushering the ultimate winter traction, superior handling, and high durability.  

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