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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2016 40under40
  • HAUS DER TAGESMÜTTER - TALLERde2 Architect - Spain
  • HAUS DER TAGESMÜTTER - TALLERde2 Architect - Spain

TALLERde2 Architects

Arantza Ozaeta Cortázar and Álvaro Martín Fidalgo head TallerDE2 Architects since 2008, a Madrid based office for architecture, urban planning and landscape design. The office TallerDE2 Architects makes an on-going commitment to research and knowledge, both in training and innovative practice. Their work has international scope, being recognized, published and awarded on several occasions. They are educators in the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London, UK) and the Architectural Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). Regularly they participate in debates, workshops and lectures at a number of Universities in Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia and Taiwan.

Arantza Ozaeta Cortázar and Alvaro Martín Fidalgo are 2016/7 Laureate of Europe 40 Under 40, and they have been recognized with the international award Bauwelt Prize ‘First Work’, the prize COAM Luis M. Mansilla and as Finalists at the XII Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennale 2013, for the project ‘Haus der Tagesmütter’. Recently, the Spanish magazine ‘Arquitectura Viva’ selected them as "one of the most representative young Spanish studios", and director Arantza Ozaeta was shortlisted ‘Emerging woman of the year 2014’ from the British magazine AJ.

TallerDE2 Architects has been prize winner in several competitions, among which the following can be highlighted: the European competition Europan-09 in Selb (Germany), where they are developing an entire urban strategy for a “shrinking city” through the Urban Acupuncture principle -as the implementation of this competition they have completed the projects ‘Childminders Center’ and ‘Youth Club and Hostel’; the ‘IQ Experimental Collective Housing-Wohnquartiere’ in Germany; and the international competition for ephemeral urban gardens in Bilbao for their project ‘Green Cave’.

Project Description

The project HAUS DER TAGESMÜTTER (Childminders Centre) is the first implementation of the proposal awarded with the 1st Prize in the International Competition ‘Europan 9’ in the city of Selb, Germany. This first project has been also awarded with several international recognitions, such as the ‘Bauwelt Preis First Works’.

HAUS DER TAGESMÜTTER is a program self-managed by mothers associations with the aim of taking care of babies during office hours and children after school hours, making conciliation of family life and work easier.

It consists on organizing the project into 6 specialized programmatic stripes, which work by addition. Existing urban voids among buildings are filled in with these stripes, and so urban facades of incomplete blocks become continuous. Programmatic and spatial specialization of every stripe results in the use of specific materials and colors, providing the inner space with a code which combines color, use, activity timing, acoustic environment and energy demand. Roofs and facades of the Project use the same material along every stripe. So integration and differentiation joins together to establish a nice dialogue with the Bavarian urban landscape.

HAUS DER TAGESMÜTTER is part of a global urban strategy whose aim is the reactivation of the center of the shrinking city of Selb by integrating and attracting young population. We are proposing a “Preventive Urban Acupuncture”. This strategy consists on making small insertions in the existing urban fabric, like precise and quick shots, which will trigger an entire reactivation of the social dynamics of the city.
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