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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2016 40under40
Napoleon - Freaks - France
  • Napoleon - Freaks - France
Napoleon - Freaks - France
Project Description

FREAKS freearchitects is a Paris-based architecture firm lead by three young architects (born in 1982, 1978 and 1977) favouring prospection, research and experimentation through projects and building process practices from small scale art installations to large scale architecture competitions.
FREAKS freearchitects has been awarded the AJAP price from the French Ministry of Culture and
Communication in 2010.
Although nowadays their built projects are mostly located in France, FREAKS's partners have lived and
experienced a wide range of abroad working contexts such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin,
Mumbai, Singapore, Istanbul... Those sometimes chaotic urban surroundings drove them to integrate to their practice a rich and confident vocabulary of urban scenarios and architectural aesthetics.
The office is deeply involved in reacting towards the image of architecture/architect and their representations
in a cynical and playful way.
Therefore we present you three projects which, despite their sometimes small scale, give a good overview of how we percieve architecture and how we think we can have a constructive impact on how it can be percieving by the mass.
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