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Europe 40 Under 40 Awards ARCHIVE 2016 40under40
Motto - TALLERde2 Architect - Spain
  • Motto - TALLERde2 Architect - Spain
Motto - TALLERde2 Architect - Spain
Project Description

A MOT Testing Station is where vehicles pass regularly a test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions. The net of centres in Spain has extended suddenly due to the recent liberalization of this service.
MOTTO is a private building with a well defined scale since the very first moment. It will receive 15.000 users per year, and it is placed in a strategic settlement among roads that will ensure a proper drivers flow.
This proposal redefines the traditional architectural typology of MOT Testing Station, as a garage or an auto repair shop, from/by the revaluation of its public dimension. It proposes a systematic design of hybridization between an industrial building/warehouse and a service space of offices.
On one side, a big container as a super-efficient prism with high testing technology, minimum distances for employees and good lighting and acoustic conditions. A metallic structure which big spans keeps working space free; metallic and plastic materials; and a industrial appearance.
On the other, an assemblage of small volumes is inserted for offices and training rooms. Here, interior hygrothermal conditions are controlled to offer a maximum comfort; structure shrinks and materials turns into warm woods.
This building is approached in motion, by vehicle. Its settlement in the plot is determined by accesses and turning radius. This kinetic perception defines the facades that show a changing appearance. Vehicle lamps light up facades and their reflective materials are activated, reacting to visitors’ approach. Main logo appears and disappears, getting hidden into the folding facade.
Technology reveals a new facade with aerial perception. New cartographies based on satellite photographs turns the roof into a new main facade with huge projection. So the building reacts to this fact as well, and the assemblage of volumes for offices becomes another logo by spelling the letters of its main service: MOT (ITV in Spanish).
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