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The New Art Museum - Onur Teke - Turkey
  • The New Art Museum - Onur Teke - Turkey
The New Art Museum - Onur Teke - Turkey
Onur Teke - Turkey

Born in Izmir (Turkey) in 1975. Onur studied architecture at Yildiz technical University in Istanbul. After working with Peter Eisenman in New York, he joined in the year 2000 Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) and became an associate architect. During those years in RPBW he developed various Museums which include: The Museum of Contemporary Art (Sarajevo), Isabella Steward Gardner Museum (Boston), Whitney Museum of American Art (New York) and in particular Kimbell Art Museum in (Fort Worth, Texas) for which he was in charge from early design phase to final construction.

Onur has participated in various workshops and given lectures during his career. His work has been presented in various publications and received various prestigious international awards.

Project Description

All vertical communication in the new art museum takes place inside the silos where there are two public elevators, one freight elevator and two staircases. Floors in silos is a minimum of four meters high (as in the freight elevator), giving full flexibility in terms of storage and placement of art in all silo the floors.

Exhibition, the first room, inside the new volume, extending from the silo the third floor can accommodate private collection, permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions. The new volume is six meters high. The organic shape and the absence of regular room dividers and doors appeals to a freer and more human pattern of movement than a more linear spatial sequence do. Outer wall proceeding does not follow the exact floor and roof shape, some places prefer wall back causing covered balconies audience will benefit.

The exhibition areas are divided into a fishbone pattern with a strong center wall and lighter walls therefrom. Central wall may in addition to the exhibition used technique / storage etc. The light walls are flexible and fixed to the floor and ceiling within a modular system and deal with the middle wall as desired. If needed more confined spaces, can be built "room within a room".

Open floor plans with a continuous glass facade that wraps around, allows for the public to read the various outdoor spaces meant different grades. The degree of transparency and control of light between inside and outside is controlled through a shading system.

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