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Bloom - Sitbon Architects - France
Bloom - Sitbon Architects - France

Sitbon Architects

Sitbon Architects is an architectural research and experimentation agency founded in 2011 by Emmanuel Sitbon, who graduated as an architect from the École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris architectural college.

Keenly aware of the challenges raised by contemporary environmental problems, the agency focuses on the interconnection between the natural sciences and new technologies to offer sustainable alternatives to a range of today's crucial issues, such as energy management, human and urban density, and global warming.

To achieve this, the Sitbon Architects agency assimilates themes and ideas from nature and nature’s intrinsic mechanisms into its thinking, while at the same time drawing on aesthetic motifs such as leaves, fruit and crystal. The processes of bud burst and flowering in the plant kingdom, and also the principles of fractal crystallisation found in the mineral kingdom, demonstrate the need to use a generative and combinatorial approach when planning the construction of urban areas, an approach more in keeping with the types of future that human beings can expect. It is an approach that rethinks how to live in today's world, not only by incorporating architecture into the landscape, but also by laying down the cornerstones of a new partnership between human beings and their environment, since techniques deriving from nature intertwine with human ones.

At the same time, the Sitbon Architects agency meets two other criteria. Firstly, it includes the new technologies in its experimentation and exploration process, because they open up new avenues, not only in terms of reconfiguring social and cultural norms, but also in terms of revitalising human experience. Particular attention is paid to the concepts of virtual, interaction and transmission. Secondly, the focus on technology demands a forward-looking approach, so as to be in tune with imagined or even future environments. This fosters innovation in architectural design and helps show greater sensitivity to environmental issues. Most of all, it poses questions as to how we see ourselves and the ideals that shape us, to throw a critical but constructive light onto the world in which we live. In fact, as well as building new spaces to live in, what motivates the Sitbon Architects agency is building meaningful good sense.

Project Desription

Water is going to redefine our future. By 2050, its level will reach eighteen to forty-eight centimeters more than today and Asia will be greatly affected by this phenomenon. Conceived to be first installed in the Indian Ocean, Bloom provides an alternative to rising water, mainly due to global warming. Its concept is to utilize the cultivation of phytoplankton to absorb excess carbon dioxide and create oxygen through photosynthesis on a greater scale.
“Nothing great is achieved without inflated expectations.”
Jules Verne
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