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Architectural Office - Giannis Giannoutsos - Greece
  • Architectural Office - Giannis Giannoutsos - Greece
Architectural Office - Giannis Giannoutsos - Greece

Giannis Giannoutsos

Giannis Giannoutsos

Giannis Giannoutsos was born in Agrinio, Greece in 1986. He is an Architect (National Technical University of Athens 2005 - 2011) and a Visual Artist (Athens School of Fine Arts 2012 - 2015). In 2015, realizing the close relationship between Architecture and Visual Arts, he establishes his Architectural office and workshop in the center of Athens, a common space where young architects and artists collaborate on projects. In addition, the need to belong in a wider creative and scientific community is constantly expressed by the participation in national and international architectural and art exhibitions, among them the 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects (2015), the International Conference on the constructed Environment in Venice (2011) and Lisbon (2014), the U.I.A. Exhibition of Contemporary Greek Architecture in Moscow (2016). He has been awarded many prizes in Greek and International Architectural Competitions. During the period 2014 - 2015, he worked at the School of Architecture NTUA as a scientific associate and teaching assistant in Architectural Design Studios. In 2016, he teaches Architectural composition at the department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Athens School of Architecture, N.T.U.A. He lives and works in Athens as an Architect and a Visual artist.

Project Description

Conversion of a former dance school into an Architectural Office - Workshop

The idea is to re-use the existing shell of a former dance school. We are referring to the creation of an architectural office and workshop on two levels.The architectural office is going to be situated on the ground floor. In this central area that was previously used as a classroom, we seek to preserve the existing character of the space with its wooden floors and mirrors .The fact that it is located on the ground floor offers direct visual contact to the pedestrian walk. The office equipment, such as the desk where members of the office will be working, is to be redesigned. The library space will also be positioned in the central area, therefore becoming an extension of this, whereas the existence/ creation of a water closet, kitchen and resting area will also be added to complement the design functionally.

At the lower level, a single flexible space is created to function as a workshop and also as a showroom. This area, which was previously the school’s changing room, will acquire an industrial style, revealing the concrete ceiling structure and the new industrial floor. A storeroom for equipment and other auxiliary spaces are placed at the same floor. One of the most important elements is the workshop’s connection with the semi-outdoor space, the point from which the lighting source will be.

The two levels are connected by an internal staircase. Access to the office is through the entrance of the apartment building, whereas access to the workshop is by an independent staircase adjoining the road.

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