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The Plant House - MU Team - France
  • The Plant House - MU Team - France
The Plant House - MU Team - France
MU Team - France

Maïra, Ludovic and Grégoire met each other in 2002 on the campus of the California Polytechnic University. Their ways drawn by a lot of projects in common led them to the foundation of MU Architecture agency, during the 2009 spring. From the beginning of its creation, MU team insisted on the quality of the exchanges between the designers, conceptors of the projects and the users that will benefit from them. In order to fulfill the requirements of each project and to encourage the explorations, MU surrounded itself by experts and professionnal partners. Step by step, little by little, MU strengthens its project management team, its partnerships, accurately using ressources and skills devoted to the development of each program.

Project Description

Along with X-TU Architects (team conceptor leader), MU has won a project for the “Réinventer Paris” consultation. 3 towers are to be created, Mu is designing one of them, creating 73 apartments (for social housing and “regular” apartments). We integrated spaces for co-workers and vegetable greenhouse for the inhabitants as part of the “social innovation” programm carrie by the Réinventer Paris consultation. Each apartment offers balconies in which planters can be used for each owner use. The production can be completed by the shared greenhouse, toping the building. The façade is designed has a whole drapery that allows and facilitates the re-use of the rainwater. This building is planned to be delivered by 2020.
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