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Sento™ Tower - Alfredo Munoz - Spain
  • Sento™ Tower - Alfredo Munoz - Spain
  • Sento™ Tower - Alfredo Munoz - Spain
Sento™ Tower - Alfredo Munoz - Spain
Alfredo Munoz - Spain
Born in 1979, Alfredo Munoz is an architect in Spain and International Associate of the American Institute of Architects. Since 2010 he is the founder of ABIBOO Studio and his practice and research focuses on the development of integral processes at the intersection of arts, engineering, sensorial approach to architecture and anthropology. ABIBOO is a boutique firm with operations in Madrid (Spain), New York (USA) and Chennai (India) and is currently designing and developing projects of many different scales in four different continents. Prior to ABIBOO, Alfredo Munoz worked in Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and the USA for internationally renowned architects like Campo Baeza, Inaki Abalos & Juan Herreros, Toyo Ito and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill on major projects worldwide. Alfredo Munoz has been a Visiting Professor at European University in Madrid and lectured at Columbia University in New York, University of Pennsylvania, Pescara University, the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others. His projects and design processes have been published and featured in general press like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, GQ Magazine, El Pais, El Mundo, Expansion, The Economic Times, Al Jazeera and in specialized magazines including, but not limited to, L'Arca, Domus, DesignBoom, DesignMilk, Dezeen and Arquitectura Viva.

Project Description

Location: Bangalore, India.
Design completion date: December 2014.
Area: 12,000 m² - 130,000 sqf.
Plot area: 2,300 m² - 25,000 sqf.
Architecture: Abiboo Corp. (
Concept Design: Alfredo Munoz.
Design Direction & Detailed Design: Alfredo Munoz.
Design Team: Alfredo Munoz, Jose Francisco Ramón, Mariluz Jimeno, Cristina Domecq.
Structures: Abiboo Studio + Mecanismo.
MEP: Abiboo Studio + Plenum.
Renders: Studio A2T

Sento™ Tower is located in Bangalore, in the south of India. The residential building contains 41 apartments of three and four bedrooms built in about 12,000 sqm. and is located on a plot of 2,300 sqm. The tower is embraced by a plaza located in the front of the site, which is constructed according to the current Indian regulation. The high density expected, the luxury market targeted by this project and the small size of the plot, led to go beyond the common conceptualization of a tower and mean a breakthrough on this typology. The goal of Sento™ Tower is to embrace diversity bringing together differences through emotions and sensations by the implementation of responsible conceptualizations of spaces, while acting with a “glocal” mindset and focusing in higher value creation.

The project is experienced as a single whole that responds very differently to the height and the styles of living due to a massing that leverages the different views. This flexibility is achieved thanks to the use of different typologies: duplex in the lowest levels, iconic apartments in the middle floors and lofts in the upper volumes. Each typology is separated by intimate and sophisticated sky lobbies and lounges that provide the necessary common areas required for that type of market and suppose a visual separation between each volume of apartments, these open floors contribute to the smart and slim perception of the tower.

The discontinuity expands from the inside to the materiality of the facades that are a result of the complex interiors which include a commercial space in podium that also boast of amenities such as home theater, shops, and restaurants and pool area and gym located at the top of the building.

In addition, the apartments are designed in full compliance with “Vastu”, an ancient Indian science used in many buildings throughout the country and that stipulates conditions regarding the location of apartment entrances, bedrooms, kitchens, relaxation areas and spiritual spaces.

The environmental commitment of the project is noticeable. Sento™ Tower is laid out and oriented taking into account passive strategies that respond to sun radiation, natural light and wind, and also pays special attention to the use of eco-friendly and local materials like stucco or traditional brick combining them with ventilated facades that maximize airflow to create a joyful and healthy environment. The structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete that involves multiple advantages for a low-tech construction, which allows the adaptation to the standard current construction methods in India.

This design and architectural solution is the result of a utility patent developed by ABIBOO Studio's founder, Alfredo Munoz. Such patent has been already granted, with reference number at the USPTO: US9181694B1.

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