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Phase Space and The Technobody - Dietmar Koering - Germany
  • Phase Space and The Technobody - Dietmar Koering - Germany
Phase Space and The Technobody - Dietmar Koering - Germany
Dietmar Koering - Germany

Project Description
Concept:The distinct Workplace of the future relates on the relation of the Human Body and its surrounding technology.

A Phase Space is a space where all possible states of a system are represented. The Technobody deals with the de-humanization through our extended phenotypes. The Technobody commits to the idea that it’s just a site for the mind. It is crucial to learn how to survive this disjuncture of reality and fictional space. We have to discover how it works when our mind is transferred into digital blood and vice versa. It is obvious that mind and body forms a symbiosis for living. It is not written that if we overcome our bodies we will lose our status of human being. We should train to see our body just as site for our mind; new radical technologies will give us new possibilities! 

Nowadays we are able to inhabit a virtual body with our mind. Even the position of total escape of our body. The human need of passing genotypes into future systems has been bound up in a world of electronic circuitry. The human body has become virtually extended; the body is displaced in its environment. 

Authenticity is no longer grounded on its individuality, but rather more ‘in the multiplicity of remote agents’ that it hosts. In the end the term Technobody is just an idea; a state of intelligent thinking.

Therefore, the project is reducing the complexity of technologies through the use of physical technology cards compared with an app, which is based on gamification, to create a positive feedback loop. This process raises the user’s consciousness in a playable foresight approach.

The vision for the workspace of the future is a high tech machine driven spot, that enables the highest productivity and creativity to the maximum possible extent. Here machines are communicating with humans, the internet and other machines. But one question remains:

How can we design the future workplace in a didactic way? 

We have to rely on method, which is easy understandable and based on a minimum of cost. Hence the answer is: Through a process based on gamification. Therefore 

Technology Cards have been created, which are based on a market scan of available and futuristic technologies. 

The idea is, to provide the workers in an environment, which needs to be updated with these cards and the play according their wishes these cards. The result of this game has then to be evaluated and leads to an action plan, which shows, when which technologies have to be integrated. 

The Tech Library is also available as an App and always accessible. which raises the consciousness of the user in regards to the new possibilities. Therewith we have different scenarios each year.

An essential role would play later a interactive table, which can be used to visualize data, to interact with these and new technologies. The important idea is, that this table has a in-built artificial intelligence, which reflect each decision in regards to CO2 emissions and the best choice, or ideas which can be optimized. 

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