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National Gallery  Singapore - WY-TO architects - France
  • National Gallery  Singapore - WY-TO architects - France
  • National Gallery  Singapore - WY-TO architects - France
  • National Gallery  Singapore - WY-TO architects - France
National Gallery Singapore - WY-TO architects - France
WY-TO architects


WY-TO are multidisciplinary Architectural Designers based in Singapore and Paris, specialising in architecture, interior design, exhibition design and cultural curation. The Singapore practice was established in 2010 by founder, Yann Follain, and together with Pauline Gaudry, the Paris office was founded in 2012 to strengthen the multicultural portfolio of both offices by leveraging cultural exchanges, new forms of construction and synthesising disciplines for an integrative design approach. Our diversified knowledge has been built over multiple experiences developing and executing projects in various scales for clients in the residential, commercial, artistic exhibition and museum sectors.

At the core of WY-TO’s philosophy is our fundamental belief that design must serve a cause. Our disciplined approach is rooted in research and strategy and aims to develop timeless, durable environments with a strong focus on context and content as our driving methodology, beyond pure aesthetics. As Sustainability advocates, we work to maximise human wellbeing from the responsible use of resources through sensitive green design to minimise negative environmental impact when designing objects, buildings and spaces.

We continuously refine our design ideology to push boundaries and address distinct constraints. WY-TO’s multicultural identity provides a unique perspective, whether in developing enduring sustainable architecture; evocative living and working experiences; iconic, experiential exhibitions; memorable cultural journeys or helping society’s underprivileged living in challenging environments.

Ultimately, our mission is to deliver inspired, thoughtful and long-lasting solutions that essentially respond to real, humanistic needs.

Project Description

Presenting a complex and varied collection of thousands of works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (in media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and video) within two gazetted national monuments was a task of considerable complexity.

Underpinning the design approach is the intent to offer a ‘promenade’ experience of the collections and the building interiors. The role of the exhibition design is to put the focus on the collection and the monuments, and to be timeless and non-intrusive.

A consistent approach to the vocabulary of the exhibition components ties together the two shows, with a common language of partitions, showcase elements, visual corridors, and the use of colour.

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