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N.M. Villa - Naim Matoshi - Kosova
  • N.M. Villa - Naim Matoshi - Kosova
  • N.M. Villa - Naim Matoshi - Kosova
  • N.M. Villa - Naim Matoshi - Kosova
N.M. Villa - Naim Matoshi - Kosova

Naim Matoshi - Kosova

Naim Matoshi (1976 -) is an architect from Prishtina , the capital city of Kosova, the newest country in Europe. He studied architecture at “University of Prishtina” and graduated in 2007, and together with other partners he designed important projects such as : “Customs terminal” in Kamenica, Sport hall in Kamenica, “Fortesa” office and showroom building, Faculty of education in Prishtina, urban planning of “ Marigona residence” etc. He also took place in many competitions where he got the first place at urban planning of Ulpiana architecture, first place at Dodona urban planning , the design of “Opera” in Prishtina -2nd place etc. In early 2009 he founded the architectural studio “Arcadis”. Since then he has designed many projects focusing on luxury villas, residential buildings, shopping malls, office buildings , interiors etc. Always tempting to design a more modern and different architecture in Kosovo. Lately he designed many commercial- residential complexes , he also expanded in the field of urban planning where he designed “Panorama Residence” in Ferizaj-Kosovo . An important project is his own villa where he got the S.ARCH 2016 award.

Project Description

N.M. Villa :The private housing market for single families is one of the only fields that the architects in Kosova still have some freedom to innovate and explore new conceptual and spatial possibilities. The project of ARCADIS Studio, is a good example of this fact. Designed by the head architect to fit his everyday needs.

The private house is located at Sunny Hill neighborhood, where from a functional standpoint, the house is distributed to three floors, although the ground floor centralizes most of it. The common, public areas of the house (kitchen, living and dining rooms) are located on this floor and were conceived as single, continuous open spaces.

On the other hand the first floor contains the more private parts of the house, fitting the master bedroom, the children rooms, a separated workroom and the bathrooms. While the second floor has a smaller plan, allowing the creation of a larger terrace for enjoying the views, privileging the use of this space.

The architect, thus being also the owner of the house, favored the use of materials like the plaster, stone and PVC panels imitating the wood texture along the ground floor of the house. Relating this way the façade with the external area of the house, the garden, which contrasts positively with its overall combination of house’s volumetry and fresh materials. 

Successful integration in the site, closed to the north to limit heat losses and opened to the south, east and west to benefit from free solar energy. The windows and walls are well insulated that the house can lose less heat. Solar panels on the roof complete the program of this passive house.

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